Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!
A look back and update over my 2009 Resolutions:

1) Potty train Kate. Done.

2) Get rid of Kate's passy. Done

3) Learn to sew. uh....nope. Didn't even take the sewing machine out of the box. I will move this one to this years.

4) Track my savings from my coupons into a savings acct. Check! John did this for me and it was nice to have some spending money!

5) Take a vacation with my husband without my kids. Mini-vacays. Nothing major.

6) Declutter my house. I asked John about this one - he said - yes, I declutter, but he and the kids clutter it back up. Yeah!!

7) Have friends over more often. Yes and no. More playdates for kids, about the same for adults.

8) Have at least one craft a week for Kate. I did more of this when I wasn't working. But not one every week...too ambitious.

9) Better blogging. John says I have...I don't think I have.

10) Plan meals more consistently. Yes.

11) Have a schedule for household duties each week. John said "I've never heard of that one!" So I guess no. But I do clean certain things certain days of the week. John just doesn't know abou them.

12) Create a cookbook of recipes from my family and John's family. Sadly no. I will continue to work on this one.

13) Take "ok" out of my vocabulary when talking to Kate. I did stop doing this. But now I say - Do you understand me?

So how did you do from last year? I'm hoping to have 2010's up soon!

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Kimberley said...

makes me want to list my own and be held accountable.

off to think...