Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big Cedar Y'all!

John took the week after Christmas off so we decided to head to Big Cedar Lodge for a couple of days. My Company took us there for our Christmas Party this year and we really wanted to to go back and take our kids while the lights were still up and we could start a fire in the fireplace. A friend of mine told me that Big Cedar Lodge has timeshares and sometimes people put them on Ebay when they can't use them. So I checked it out...and what do you know? They do. Someone had a timeshare for a 2bed/2bath cabin for the time frame we were considering. The cost was a FRACTION of the price. I am so excited about this deal!!! If you are thinking about going anywhere, Big Cedar, Orlando, Hawaii, etc. check out the lodging deals on ebay.

While there we:

  • Took the kids to the park (it was really warm)

  • Toured the resort by horse drawn wagon to see the lights

  • Roasted marshmallows while listening to the singing cowboy

  • Went swimming in indoor pool

  • Rode the shuttle bus around (one of Kate's favorites)

  • Had a nice warm fire

  • Went shopping in Branson

We woke up on the last day to snow. This is our view from our balcony.

Our cabin

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The Robinsons said...

wow. the pictures are beautiful. we've never been, but will definitely have to try it out. happy new year!