Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleep = Donuts

Kate gets up almost every night and ask one of us to sleep with her. Honestly, I never go - John always goes. She has a twin bed - it's so small and bright in there. We have tried everything to get her to stay in her bed - teddy bear, night light, music, sound machine, fan, more dolls...nothing works. Recently, we decided to bribe her. At first it was with candy, that lasted a few days. Saturday night, she wanted to sit in big church on Sunday instead of going to Sunday School and we said she could if she slept by herself. She didn't make it, so to Sunday school she went.
Last night, she slept all by herself...and her reward? DONUTS! She was so excited. She got up saying....I get donuts because I slept all by myself!!!

Luke never has a problem sleeping all night or by himself. He did try to tackle this donut...he's not a big sweets fan, but he made a pretty good try.
If anyone out there has some sure fire tricks, let me know. I'm also thinking about a chart with stickers and when she has sleeps 5 times she gets to pick out a small toy? Has that worked for anyone?


The Robinsons said...

we've tried bribes and threats. none of them last long. we still get a visit from nick 2-3 times a week wanting to cuddle at 2am. good luck and let me know if you find anything that works long term.

furrfamily said...

I guess I have been blessed. Both of the kids sleep well. I find that bribes are good to get them to understand what you want AND that they can do it. After that you have to be willing to suffer through some tears. Thiers and Yours! Good luck and no answer is wrong, at 20 she will want to sleep without you! :)

Kimberley said...

what if you locked your door? :)

Jennifer said...

We started a sticker chart this summer and he enjoys getting stickers when he is good. Plus helps with his math since he counts them all the time. 5 = small toy 10 = movie 20 = special trip.. Safari, movies, etc