Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carvin Time

Well it's just a few days before Halloween and we're just now getting a chance to carve a pumpkin. We had planned on carving one last Sunday, but Kate's birthday party kind of took up the whole afternoon. So with Mommy and Luke off at Wal-Mart, Kate and I went out to the garage and carved us a pumkin.

Kate did really well with the pumkin carving, she actually drew the nose, got her hands in there and pulled out the pumkin guts and even pulled out the carved parts. I think she was happy with the final result.

posted by John


The Robinsons said...

love that you posted, pittman! great pictures. have a safe and happy halloween!!

Kimberley said...

love the hay in the front yard. love the bench by the front door too!