Monday, November 1, 2010

Kate's 4th Birthday Party

Whew! October was a busy month! We literally had something going on every weekend. I am so tired thinking about it. We also usually have a pumpkin carving party and a birthday party for Kate. This year we decided to combine the two. It was crazy. Next year - two parties...small ones.
October did have some gorgeous weather, so we decided to have her party outside. We weren't able to blow up the bouncy house, but I don't think the kids missed it. Looking back, I bet we could have, the grass wasn't that wet.
When they arrived, all the kids were going to decorate their own party favor bag. This is what it looked like. The wind was blowing pretty good. One of my cute Halloween table cloths blew off. Then the stamps and crayons were flying. At one point I thought to myself....can I go in and just cry? But I made it through and kept trucking.
Here is my nephew decorating his hand...and his bag.

The got spider rings and vampire teeth along with a pumpkin that they painted and decorated to put into their bag.
Birthday Girl really concentrating on decorating her bag.

We also have a small little water table that I used to put in deer corn. This was a HUGE hit. We buried little pumpkins and skeletons and spiders in there. The smaller kids loved it. John, not so much, he had to clean up all the corn.
Kate's cake. She was telling everyone she was having a princess party, but really it wasn't. It was a Halloween theme party with a Princess cake. Tiana to be exact.

Picture time. Here is most of the kids that came...we are missing a few that were too busy playing to stop and get a picture. Or the little girl that Luke made get up so he could sit by Kate.
Also, special shout out to all my Mom friends who helped me throughout the party. AND to my Sister. Check out the cute things she made for my party. I was trying to keep it simple. Pizza and fruit for the kids and chili for the adults. She carved a pumpkin out and used it as a cooler and put in Root Beer - so cute. She also made the cutest ghost strawberries. Too bad I didn't get to have any. Go here to check them out.


Kimberley said...

glad you kept on truckin!! :)

Melody said...

Always a good time at the Pittman's. Thanks again for having us over!