Monday, October 24, 2011

Kate's Birthday Weekend

This past weekend our little girl turned five. Can't believe she's already five years old. So for her birthday, Kate wanted to have a skate party. I think everyone had a good time skating. The kids played skating games, had pizza for lunch and cake to top it off. Happy Birthday, Kate!

On Sunday, Kate's actual birthday, we headed up to Right Choices Corn Maze in Missouri. We haven't been up to this place in a couple of years and it looks like they added on a few more attractions. We pretty much did everything they had to offer. We walked the short corn maze, took a hay ride, and watched the kids ride the cow train, slide down the slides and swing on the tire swings. Luke even got to shoot the corn cannon and the kids bounced around on the bounce pad for a while. Good way to spend a birthday afternoon.


Kimberley said...

Good times indeed!

The Robinsons said...

kate is a sweet little girl. you done raised her right. hope she had a good time!