Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Camping at Horseshoe Bend

This past weekend we took what will probably be our last camping trip of the year. The days are getting colder and we're just pretty much booked up for here on out. We set up camp at Horseshoe Bend on the shores of Beaver Lake. Our spot was pretty nice being right on the water. The kids loved walking down to the shore line and throwing rocks into Beaver Lake, finding hiking sticks and collecting wood to burn. It's the simple things that make them the happiest.

Our friends Doug and Tracey George stopped by on Saturday and picked us up for a boat ride to Hickory Creek for a little lunch. The Bluffs Restaurant actually turned out to be a pretty good place to eat. Highly recommend getting the brownie desert...good stuff! Luke and Kate even got to drive the boat for a bit which they enjoyed as well.

Beth made the trip a halloween themed trip with her halloween table cloths, pumpkin light string and an evening of carving pumpkins. I was actually impressed with how much Kate helped clean out the insides of the pumpkins. Maybe next year she'll be able to do a little more of the carving.

So another successful camping trip. We're going to turn Beth into a outdoors girl one of these days. I still think she's only in it because of the kids and me, thanks Beth! :)

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Kimberley said...

thank for blogging, John!!! you got some great pictures at the lake! the leaves are beautiful!