Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gone fishing

Kate has started watching bits and pieces of movies - we are on "Finding Nemo" now. She watches it all the time. She watches the beginning where Nemo's mother gets eaten by the Shark - or Barracuda - as her daddy tells her. She loves that part.

Yesterday when I picked her up from daycare - her teacher, Misty, said -

Misty: I just love Kate, she likes to argue and it's so funny.

Me: what? argue about what?

Misty: we were going over flashcards today and when we got to the fish, she wouldn't say "fish" she kept saying "nemo". I would say - No Kate, fish and Kate would say - NO MISTY, NEMO!


Here is a picture of her before she went to school today - Nemo is playing in the background - and she can't take her eyes off it, but she is saying "CHEEEESEEE!"

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