Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Thanksgiving this year is Sissy's birthday, so I thought I would post about her early. So it's not overshadowed by the holiday, food, etc.

Here are the reasons I love my sissy (in no particular order)

1) She has the most amazing smile - great teeth

2) She is a hair maven - she always has a good hairdo and good color (maybe I should thank Krissy - her stylist)

3) She can take $10.00 and buy a new wardrobe and look really cute.

4) Her "date jewelry"

5) She's a good mama

6) She has a crush on Little Buddy

7) She is good to Kate

8) She is thoughtful and picks out the best Birthday cards ever.

9) She takes care of me when it comes to baby shower gifts. She has actually bought the gifts, wrapped them and signed my name to the card and given the gift for me (on more than one occasion). All I had to do was enjoy the compliments when they said they like it. She never says anything OR makes me pay her back.

10) She understands what I mean when I say "come to see me" or "it's as cold as George W. Bush" or "funny like Chick-fil-a"

11) She waves like Pap paw at me.

12) She is a crazy driver and I always make her drive, because it's a guaranteed laugh.

13) She likes to have lunch at Dixie Cafe

14) She is the funniest person I know.

15) She lives close to me - even though I wish she lived next door.

As I read back over this list, it doesn't do her justice. She is a sweetheart and I love her.


Kimberley said...

Now I'm blushing, and teary-eyed! Thanks for the sweet post! Love ya!

winbe said...

Happy Birthday Kimberley and I thanks for picking out Caleb's shower gift - Ha!