Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and such *LONG POST*

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. My parents purchased a second home in Bentonville just recently, so when they come to town, they stay there and not with me or my sister. Can I tell you how nice that is? I love having them close. So we had Thanksgiving at their new house this year.

Kate speak:
nu house = one just purchased
ole house = apartment complex near our home that Meme use to live in
big house in Darnel = their home in Dardanelle

Our cousin Shelby joined us. It was her birthday on the 26th and Sissy's birthday on the 27th, so we had a little cake for them. Then the three of us went out to dinner on Friday night.
Ok, so John became ill late on Thursday night. He has been sick all weekend. I finally made him go to the dr on Saturday. They pretty much told him nothing was wrong and take something over the counter. hee hee. I'm not the only one who imagines they are sick.

He is feeling a little better today, but it comes in waves. He did manage to go outside with Kate when it was snowing this morning. Yep, snowing, Thursday it was like 65 degrees. Seriously, what is that about?
Oh yeah, Luke is cutting a tooth! Yep, I will try to get a picture of it, but it's the middle one on the bottom. And it has been bothering him. He ran a little fever and has been extremely fussy - well for him, which means he has cried a couple of times for no longer than 2-3 mins.

Now some pics:

So my parents don't have a lot of chairs at the table. The kids sat in their chairs on the floor and loved it. Kate kept eating Jacob's food off his plate.

Luke eating his Thanksgiving Meal.

Shelby & Sissy - I made those cakes, just kidding, they are from Rick's bakery.

It doesn't matter where he is...home in Darnel, nu house in Bentonville, car, friends home, Pap Paw is always doing this....honk shoo, honk shoo

Kate stayed home with me one day and dressed herself. I put a cute dress and tights on her. She then added her touch. The shirt she wore the day before, dragged out of her hamper, she has it tied around her waist. Luke's pants that a little big on him, she got those out while I was changing his clothes. They are like knickers on her. Rain boots and daddy's gloves and motorcycle helmet cover.

For real, we left the house with her looking like this. We went to Memes.

Out in the snow.

Eating snow. Hope it wasn't yellow!

Have a good week!


Kimberley said...

The Honk Shoo made me laugh - so true!

The Robinsons said...

i love kate's sense of style!

Sarah and Brad said...

Hee hee...sounds like Kate has a funny little personality!! I can't believe y'all already had fun!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


CUTE! She is so sassy! Glad you guys got to take her out in the snow too!

Jammie said...

You are so funny Beth!! The kids are cute and your ole mom looks cute too!