Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Luke's first tooth (teeth)

Luke is cutting his first teeth. His bottom two are coming in and he is cranky! This is not like him. He is usually very pleasant. But you can tell they are bothering him. He is also drooling like crazy and it is breaking his face out. Bless his heart, he is still the cutest baby ever. Here is the picture I tried to get of his teeth.

He clamped down and wouldn't show me those chompers. I will try again tonight to get a picture with John's help.

We are going to put up our Christmas decorations tonight, we are so excited. I will post some more pictures tonight. Gotta go take care of Mr. Fussy Pants.


The Robinsons said...

mr. fussy pants is still pretty cute. aquaphor is really great w/ those king of rashes.

can't wait to see your decorations. i love looking at that kind of stuff!

Kimberley said...

Poor baby, hims still precious. That baby will be ready for "real" food soon!

trent said...

HE is so cute! I dont mind not seein his tooth, its just fun to see his big eyes! Hope your decorating went well.