Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We are trying to start our own traditions for the Holidays. I was inspired by Christina here - great ideas. We started an advent calendar - a calendar to countdown the days to Christmas - I'm not sure Kate understands it fully, but she has fun putting the stars on it. I got the idea from this blog, mine is not nearly that good. It's very elementary, no maybe pre-school. Oh well, I'm trying!

I know, her hair is a hot mess, but people I'm letting it grow out. She doesn't mind!
Check out Luke chewing on that finger.
At least John is smiling - if you could see his face.
Then I read them a book - to be honest, this was just Kate's way of delaying going to bed. Have you noticed my kids are always in their PJs? I promise I dress them, but we always take pictures at night.
Luke's tooth - John turned him upside down, that's why this is a weird looking picture. There they are!
We started the decorating last night. Here is our front door. This was taken at night, but I don't know how to take a picture so you can see the lights on the tree. I just finished the tree in the living room, so I will get some pictures of that tonight.


The Robinsons said...

i see two teeth! how exciting.

the front deco looks great. did you make all that yourself? we've got an advent calendar as well and nick loves playing w/ it.

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh goodness..that picture of Luke upside down cracked me up! I love your advent calendar...we may need to borrow that idea for next year...looks fun! Oh, and your front door looks beautiful!

trent said...
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oops! I was logged in under trent.

OOOOO! Make ME a wreath!!! So pretty! Cool you got a shot of the tooth. I am so honored that I sparked the Christmas Elf in you! Isnt it fun!? Love your calendar! I think its perfect. Kate will remember it next year and get into it even more!

Kimberley said...

Good idea, good times, good pics.