Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I started seeing a new stylist. Her name is Jenna. I have been three times, she does a really good job. I like my cut and she does a good color too. The first time I went to her, she colored my hair too dark - this was my idea and I hated it. She was leery, but because I was the client, she did it. I called her back and she fixed it and it looked great. The highlights were perfect. The best part - she's really affordable, in Bentonville and easy to get an appointment. Today, I had a wash, cut, style for $25.00, - that's cheap right? If you need someone to do your hair and you are in Bentonville, you can find her here.


Kimberley said...

Might have to check her out, instead of driving to F'ville.

The Robinsons said...

beth, i'm gonna need you to post a picture of yourself b/f i can make any decisions. :)