Monday, December 8, 2008

This weekend

We went to Dardanelle this weekend to have Luke dedicated at church. It was really nice. Here is a picture - it's hard to see - sissy took this picture.

Here are some random pics from the weekend.

My cousin's children came over and they loved laying under the tree to look at all the ornaments. Kate is saying "don't touch".

Luke watching the dancing snowman.

Kate rocking and burping her baby.

Luke got his first bath in the sink.

He loved it.

Guess who else wanted in there. Good thing Meme has a BIG sink!

ps: I'm on facebook now. I know, but it's not for teenagers anymore. I was skeptical at first, but John convinced me I should check it out. Well, I have and I've reconnected with some great people. Here's a little shout-out to Hope, Kim and Kristen! I missed you guys. Come to see me!


Kimberley said...

You forgot to mention that I was videotaping with my left hand and taking pictures with my right. I think I did a good job juggling.

Sarah and Brad said...

Hee hee...welcome to the world of FB. If you're like me, what's one more internet thing to get hooked on..hee hee! Brad and I think your Kate should be tested for some type of genius status. That's amazing...walking at 9 months!!! She's probably going to be a really good athlete or dancer...early coordination. Not that I would ever hinder her development, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for Kate to be walking...ahhh!!!

McNubbin's Mom said...

I couldn't find you on FB.....what name are you under?