Friday, January 30, 2009

I fall back

Today has been a long day, but yet, it seems to have passed so fast! Today at lunch, Kate was eating - and eating well - when she knocked the chair back and it fell backwards with her on it. She was sitting at the bar at our high chairs...I know, she shouldn't have been sitting there. I was sitting right next to her with Luke when she asked for more "mac n chee" so I got up to get her some more and I turn to see it all slow motion. She immediately started crying, screaming, etc. and the first thing she asked for was her passy. Which I thought was a good sign. I finally got her calmed down, checked her out and saw she had a bruise on her upper thigh. She fell asleep and slept about an hour, then when she woke up, she wanted to keep her passy. Side note...she is not allowed to have her passy unless she is sleeping in her bed. I said, no, let's go get something to drink. She would not get up. When I changed her diaper, she said her leg hurt. She would not put any pressure on it.

I finally made the decision to take her to the doctor. She could not stand on her leg. She tried not to cry at the doctor office because I told her she would not get a sucker if she cried. The doctor said - you can have a sucker even if you cry! So she did....cry. I told the doctor I thought this was a ploy to keep her passy. X-rays revealed she had a small fracture in her fibula. WHAT???? I thought she was acting, seriously, what kind of mother am I?

The orthopedic doctor on call said she could wait until Monday to have a cast put on it, just stay off of it for the weekend. Have you met Kate? Do you know we have a Superbowl party this weekend? How do you keep a 2 yr old from moving around?

She did lay around on the couch all night and she kept saying..."Kate has a boo boo." " I fall back." "I can't walk." It's so sad. Poor little girl.

Therefore, I'm tired and I have no energy to go and upload pictures on the other computer.

Please pray for Kate...I hope the little cast is not as bad as the one I had.

PS - after Kate was having her xrays made, the man gave her some stickers of the Disney princesses' and then said
Man: "are you a Disney princess?"
Me: "No she's a diva"
Kate: No, I Kate!
Me: Yes, you are Kate


Kimberley said...

Poor little Kate - I hate that for her!! I will be praying for a fast recovery!

The Robinsons said...

oh, bless her heart! poor thing, trying to be brave and not cry at the doctor's office. will pray for a speedy recovery. hope you're doing okay. we've all had those slo mo moments and those are hard to shake, but don't be too hard on yourself.

Kerri said...

Oh no you are following in my footsteps...FYI there bones heal faster when they are younger. Abby broke her Femur...
Watch out in a few years for her to fall and crack open her head and have to get stitches. I will let you have the mom of the day award ..but only for the day..
Give Kate a big hug.

Heidi said...

Oh my! You never want your little munchkins to get hurt but it's inevitable I suppose. We're sending hugs & kisses for that boo-boo!

Kristen said...

We will pray that she feels better soon. She sounds like such a funny little girl!!!

winbe said...

Bless her bones bless her heart! Hope she gets better soon. If it makes you feel any better Caleb fail of the bed the other day and had a nasty rug burn on his nose and upper lip.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!Poor thing! You are not bad at all...things just happen, and at least it was her leg and not a head injury or something more serious. Good luck monday! Take some pics for us and give that little gal a (gentle) squeeze.

Jenna said...

Oh no, poor girl and poor you!! :( I hope you guys can still enjoy the big game tomorrow. Tell Kate I said to get better soon!

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh noooo!!! Bless her little heart...she wanted her passy to make her leg feel better. What an angel!!

I have several friends who have dealt with little broken bones and they say the same's really hard to know/tell on a little one exactly what is wrong.

We'll say a prayer that the cast goes well today. Keep us posted!!