Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scarfs are all the rage!

The scarf is the new accessory that everyone is wearing. Ok, so people have always worn scarfs, but they are really BIG this year. My sister picked a cute one up from Walmart. Amy is making her own. So when I came across this website on how to tie a scarf, I was excited. I want to be cool and hip, but I'm not and clumsy. Therefore, this site is now bookmarked.

Oversized Jersey Knit Scarf - Banana Republic


The Robinsons said...

if i walked around w/ a scarf tied around my neck like that woman, people would wonder what was wrong w/ me. i can't carry that kinda stuff off. turns out the technique i use is called the european loop.

Karen said...

I can't do the scarf thing... not because I live in Florida! I just don't have that "scarf neck"! I wouldn't know which chin to wear it under! ;)

Sarah and Brad said...

I probably should bookmark this page too. Does it tell how to actually become hip and cool before you actually buy a scarf...I need help. Even my husband says so. Last summer he asked me to stop shopping at Harolds (he did a whooty who when he heard they were closing) b/c I look like a stuffy old lady...ouch. Anyway, I took note but still don't know how to shop. Love/hate relationship, definitely.