Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kate & Luke walking

Tuesday, Kate started walking with the little walker. Right after I filmed this, her leg gave out and she fell. She has not walked since. She says her leg is not better. She's really nervous.

Luke on the other hand, is not. He got behind her walker and started walking.


Kimberley said...

Kate's video made me laugh, because she is taking such tiny steps.

Luke's video got me teary-eyed because he's growing up too fast!!

Love them both!

The Robinsons said...

bless her little heart. she'll be running around again pretty soon though. look at luke go!

Karen said...

How sweet are those videos! Your little ones are growing up so fast!

Sarah and Brad said...

Bless her heart...I hope she's back to her old self soon!!

Yay for Luke!! I'm going to let Kate watch the videos in the morning...she always gets a kick out of your kiddos!

Kristen said...

I feel like I have missed out on a lot. Bless her little heart with the cast - I cannot even imagine!! Kids have a way of bouncing back much faster than we do though!! I have been going through withdrawals not knowing what is going on with everyone so it was nice to read this today. BTW, I did check out that website and it is a little too conservative for me :)(not that I am risque or anything!!)