Friday, June 12, 2009

I can't believe it's Friday already!

Wow, I have not posted anything since Monday? Wow. Where did the week go?

John still has not passed his kidney stone...yikes! I took him to the specialist on Wednesday and they said that he will need to wait a couple of weeks and see if it's passed and if not, then they will break it up with soundwaves, etc. He has been working from home all week - I don't know how he can get anything done with these two kids constantly running around! His pain comes and goes. Overall, he is doing better.

We had playgroup today and prior to leaving I made John take the little "playground" as Kate calls it outside. It's a swing and slide combo. It has been in the playroom since the winter and now it needs to go outside where it belongs! I swear my husband would bring those motorcycles in my house if I would let him. Back to the story, Luke was devastated it wasn't in the playroom anymore. He stood at the door and made such a fuss, then Kate saw it outside and started crying! Here is the picture of John comforting them:

Three side notes:

#1I know I have posted a picture of Kate in this outfit before - I love it, it's so cute, I got it off Ebay and she doesn't wear it everyday. Because we were going to playgroup, I wanted her to wear something with pants because she likes to slide and has trouble sliding with a dress or shorts on, hence this capri outfit. It's a lobster outfit, well I also found Luke a lobster outfit (not on Ebay, but at Gymboree). So cute.

#2 If you expand this picture you might notice Kate's nose has a strip of a band-aid on it. Kate scratched her nose BEFORE Easter and it has not healed up yet. The main reason for this - KATE! When she has her passy at night, she plays with it and ends up picking the scab off her nose. Many mornings she has woke up with a BIGGER sore on it from picking it the night before. I'm constantly saying "Stop picking your nose" "Did you pick your nose" funny thing is, she is not "picking" her nose, she's picking at it!? So the other morning, I said - No more passy at night until your nose heals up. I've also been putting a band-aid on it - All day, I do take it off when we go to Walmart. However, I don't even notice it anymore and left it on for this picture. She will even say - Where's my band-aid - it fell off. For real, If you have a better fix for the nose picking, let me know. The benefit is that for the last two nights she has had no passy and it wasn't bad. She asked for it the first night. The second night, she didn't even mention it.

#3 I'm the mother that puts my kids in matchy outfits...and they aren't the same sex. Is that weird?

Update on Luke - he is so funny, I found him today standing on the table on the kitchen/diner playset. I freaked out, he just laughed. I wish I had a picture of it. He is walking really well and trying to talk. He did start signing the word for "more" of course, when he wants more FOOD!

Have a good weekend!


furrfamily said...

Get use to Luke wanting more food. Ruston eats constantly. I think he can eat his weight in steak! I have a picture of Ruston standing on this train table - laughing at me! He looks like Godzilla. Boys are sooo different from girls!

Kimberley said...

I would've never noticed the bandaid if you hadn't told me to expand the picture! Hope it heals soon, I know you're tired of the scab. I like these outfits, some can be too matchy matchy, but these are cute. Love them!

Kristen said...

I have no idea about what to do about the nose picking (I think it is funny that you call it that), but I am VERY impressed about no paci for two nights. I am so afraid Ava is going to be in kindergarten and still using her paci at night. And I love matching outfits, but I find it really hard to do with boy and girl. I would totally do it all the time if I could find a store that sold them. And I am so scared about the whole boy thing. Ava is sooooo laid back and I have never had to worry about her climbing or really anything. Sam is already trying to climb things - SCARY!!!!

winbe said...

Love the outfits and think as long as you aren't dressing them in matching dresses you're fine. Hey but who am I to give advice we all went to church last Sunday with black shirts and khaki bottoms.

Sarah and Brad said...

I think they look precious in their "matchy" outfits!!! I love it...and as long as I can afford it, I'll dress all of our kids in matching outfits. When they're little is the only time you can do that so I will take full advantage too!!! Such a sweet picture..adorable kiddos!!!